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Supplying temporay staff and carers

At   Newhands   Healthcare,   we   deliver   effective   solutions   across   the   healthcare   staffing   and   managed   healthcare services   sector   by   building   relationships   based   on   trust.   We   provide   instant   access   to   an   extremely   large   pool   of highly qualified and well-vetted medical professionals and we believe in adaptable approach. We    are    one    of    the    leading    healthcare    recruitment    agencies    in    the    UK,    supplying    full    time,    temporary,locum, healthcare  professionals into NHS Trusts, PCTs, Local Authorities, GP Surgeries, care homes and the Private Sector. Our   workforce   have   been   in   healthcare   business   for   some   time   now   and   during   that   time   they   have      gained   huge experience   in   meeting   the   unique   challenges   of   the   sectors   we   serve   hence   our   success   has   come      from      the   long term relationships we have built with clients and candidates over the years Our   clients   are   increasingly   looking   for   partners   who   can   help   them   find   efficiencies   by   making   more   effective   use of    their    permanent    and    flexible    workforces.    We    can    help    through    our    managed    services    including    vendor management, staff bank management, consultancy services and on-site support.
We      provide      a      full      range      of      home      care      services      to      all      our      service      users.      Our      aim      is      to     suppor      clients’continued      independence      in      their      own      home      and      to      help      them      enjoy      a      high     quality      of      life.Newhands   is   committed      to      provide      a      quality      service      and      quality      care      to      all      its     clients      governed      and   regulatedv   by      the      CQC.      We      therefore   guarantee      that      we      will      promote     the      Health      and      Well-Being,      Dignity,      Independence      and      Quality      of      life      to   individual   Service Users   receiving   our   services,   including   those   at   the   end   stages   of   their   lives.   Our   Home   Care services   are   delivered   by   trained   and      experienced   care   workers   and   specialist   support   workers recruited in-house to ensure the quality of care is second to none.
At    Newhands    Healthcare    we    provide    a    bespoke and   tailored   live   in   services   that   suits   you   around your   home   environment.   This   covers   everything from     toileting,     bathing     and     showering,     light housekeeping      such      as      shopping      and      meal preparation,      plus      companionship,      escorting, family liaisons and social events.
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